The following are five videos about topics related to MSU's hydrogen production research. The first is about how the origins of life on Earth may offer clues to finding energy solutions for the future. The next three are excerpts from an interview with Mark Young, a professor at MSU. They all are cover information about viruses, because protein cages from viruses are a key component of much of the hydrogen production research happening at MSU. The last video is from a communicating science presentation by undergraduate Kevin Harlan explaining how MSU scientists use protein cages.

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Energy's Future tells the story of Joules, a high school junior faced with the pressing decision about what to do after graduation. Joules¹ daily routine of work, classes, and friends leaves her little time to figure out what she ultimately wants for her life after high school. The lives of three college students working in different science fields intercut Joules¹ story.
These college students aren¹t just reading textbooks. They are doing cutting-edge research aimed at solving one of the biggest problems facing our world, the need to find renewable energy. Through interweaving stories, Energy¹s Future paints a picture of the intersection of science and people, from students being taught in the high school classroom to students solving real world problems in the college lab.

To create this film, Montana EPSCoR has teamed with Montana State University¹s renowned Science and Natural History Filmmaking program, the first, largest and most well-known program of its type in the world.
Energy¹s Future was written and produced by Devon Riter, a former high school science teacher and graduate student in the filmmaking program.
Associate Producer Daniel Schmidt is also an MSU graduate student and producer of the collaborative filmspace

Run Time: 12:32

Energy's Future from Devon Riter on Vimeo.

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